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Salesforce in the Manufacturing Industry

In the next decade, nearly 80% of manufacturers will face stiff competition from tech-savvy companies and find themselves losing pace due to outdated legacy tech and older business models. Major manufacturers are already utilizing disruptive technologies like Cloud, AI, IoT, and the creation of digital twins for future-proofing. Adding to this rapid evolution is the uncertainty of the post-pandemic business world. Customers expect a digital experience with information on-demand with an emphasis on ease of interaction.


Salesforce has predicted this inevitable paradigm shift and developed the tools manufacturing companies need to gain a competitive edge in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.


Here are top Salesforce’s capabilities that make it the trusted platform for modern-day manufacturers:

Customer-centric Approach to Boost Sales:

To gain a competitive edge in the cutthroat competition, manufacturers can use real-time information on customer interactions & data to deliver personalized service & boost sales. With high customer engagement, the digital transformation journey would be hiccup-free.

Accurate Forecasting:

Salesforce leverages the power of advanced analytics & AI to make accurate forecasts of your planning, operations, finances, and sales. With accurate forecasts, you can allocate your budget effectively and take a lean approach to resource utilization.

Seamless Communication:

Salesforce allows interdepartmental teams to communicate seamlessly. The platform seamlessly connects other applications and software to the ERP and Order Management Systems so that the information flow is streamlined.

Transparent Processes:

Drive transparency by ensuring that there is a single reliable source of data. A consolidated view of business agreements, order management, inventory, revenue, etc. helps you stay on top of things.

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Case Study

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Saint Gobain get the best out of their Sales Data with Einstein Analytics

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Process Automation made easy with Salesforce

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