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Integrated data backup, recovery, governance & visibility for Salesforce


As Salesforce recently announced the retirement of its data recovery and restoration service, multiple companies are in jeopardy of losing their immensely valuable data, in case any disaster occurred. To help Salesforce customers seamlessly retain their business & compliance data cost-effectively, we are offering Salesforce data backup & recovery services.


With our proven approach, you can routinely back up your Salesforce data by maintaining the integrity & complex record relationships. Below are some of the services that we are currently offering related to Salesforce data backup & recovery.


    • Data export services to external storage systems (AWS S3, Azure, Heroku, On-premise storage)
    • Auto Data Backup (Scheduled backup) using AWS Cloud Watch or from your Salesforce Org. 
    • Supports full backup & incremental backup
    • Automatically sync with any metadata changes; no changes in the backup routine
    • Supports audit and compliance data backup as well.


As a Salesforce partner, CEPTES can help you get rid of manual data export and enjoy a highly reliable, secure, and automated daily, weekly, monthly backup with an easy & quick setup.

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