Cross Org, Cross Edition Migration

Business Challenge

  • Cross Org, Cross edition deployment
  • No link or relationship between the orgs
  • Entire org has to be migrated without losing any customization/permission



  • The deployment was done swiftly using a combination of tools like Ant, Eclipse IDE
  • Used scripting tools to manipulate the XML to remove the dependencies
  • Devised a deployment strategy in such a way that the system worked as how it worked in the Source org



Smarteeva TI solution offered the ability to run through a smart workflow powered by the system’s algorithm so a case can be troubleshot, resolved, escalated, and recorded. Smarteeva is designed to be interactive and it can allow customers to run through an algorithm without needing to call the customer service line.

  • After the Deployment, the customizations were brought into the new org and the system started working perfectly