CCB – Process Automation

Business Challenge

  • The entire process was running manually
  • As these were highly sensitive data, data security was a huge concern
  • There were a significant number of wrong customer information, as a result, the inaccurate data was growing
  • As there were many countries in the Caribbean Islands speaking different languages, many times information was written wrong (spelling etc.) – so the system couldn’t understand them



  • Using the Salesforce platform, we developed an automation system which made the entire process from data collection to storage and information access automated and highly seamless
  • Smart search module helped our client to get an instant report
  • Our developed solution offered easy integration with other credit bureaus like Dutch, European etc



  • A significant increase in the level of data accuracy
  • Summarized report generation
  • Seamless data flow from the source to destination
  • Periodical lead/customer follow-ups.
  • A lot of time and cost saved