AI Enabled Smart Contract Management Solution

Business Challenge

  • Our client wanted to develop an AI-based smart contract management solution for healthcare companies who have the contract to distribute healthcare products like medicines, injections etc.
  • Typical industry challenges were complex contract vendor/supplier tracking as many parties are involved, complicated financial performance tracking, regulatory challenges, contract vendor performance analysis, lack of supply chain transparency etc.
  • As our client wanted to develop the solution in the Salesforce platform, they were looking for Salesforce expertise who can use AI to develop a robust solution.



  • We developed an AI-enabled smart contract management solution which streamlined the supply chain system for the healthcare service providers.
  • The solution enabled real-time contract performance tracking to regression analysis and contract simulations so that the healthcare service providers can have all the information at their fingertips
  • The solution included the tracking of supplier information, product demographics, supplier contract against contract milestones, display and report on actual usage vs contract and plan, integration with ERP & EMR systems
  • The most important part of managing contracts is the tracking of special and important financial/performance terms. Together with the AI Platform, managing the contracts and their actual financial performance is a major part of our functionality which goes far beyond of what is now available in the market.



  • Successfully integrated Salesforce CRM application with LeadSquared.
  • The implementation included a successful data integration between the two systems using REST.
  • The integration was bi-directional sync between Salesforce and LeadSquared which enabled to map and sync various Lead fields, Contact fields, Activities between the two systems.Reduced Manual Efforts
  • Ensured that only approved products are being utilized in procedures and easy tracking recalls and return financials