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Salesforce Integration

CEPTES acknowledges and specializes in integrating Salesforce with any third party application.

We are known to deliver rapid Salesforce Data Integration with some striking feature of the ability to develop the same, with less amount of time, and some cost effective measures. Our integrations with 3rd party systems and even the other business applications are of top-notch quality.


Integrating the Salesforce environment is not an easy task. You need the help of various tools to manage your data integration. The implementation of right tools will assist you to run a more efficient business. CEPTES will surely integrate the Salesforce CRM. Let us look at some of the Custom Integrations for various software we have done. They are namely:

  • BING Service
  • GraphicMail
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Skrill
  • POLi Payments
  • Google Maps
  • Paypal

Project management and document automation

When it comes to documents and projects, planning is the key. Hence, you always need the best possible service in the genre.


  • Conga
  • Drawloop

Email Connectors

If your Inbox is not running properly, then you can manage your overflowing inbox and streamline your Salesforce work-flow with the following:


  • Linkpoint
  • Ebsta

Data Cleansing and Management

We can make your business stay organized in the cloud with the help of the following tools:


  • Box
  • Google Apps


We can help you promote your business and keep you running with top-notch performance with these services:


  • Workato
  • Jitterbit

Data Cleansing and Management

If you have messy data, then we have the perfect solution for you. We can make your data completely organized.


  • Ring Lead
  • Skuid

Employ Management

You always got to keep your employees happy and satisfied. Now you can manage all your employee data with the following:



The varied range of customized Salesforce Integrating Solutions, which is provided by us, indeed guarantees the perfect integration, along with the collaboration of the various departments in the organizations that are always working with an aim to promote both the growth and the development of an organization.


Without automated end-to-end CRM integration with other applications, Salesforce remains another isolated data silo. At such juncture, you can always count upon CEPTES, who is always there to help you with finest and best integration services in a cost-effective manner.

The Complete Integration involves the following steps:


    • Integration Design and Development
    • Integration deployment
    • Integration Testing
    • Integration Management
    • Enhancing Integrations on Demand

The Integration Solutions of CEPTES:

The Process of Integration Using Tools

We always associate into the course of integrating multiple Salesforce solutions using pre-built integration tools such as the Jitterbit and Informatica Cloud.

The Custom Integration

We have been designated as the experts in creating custom Java, .Net, and even JS based integration solutions for the process of integrating with Salesforce.

The API Development

CEPTES has always been the top-notch assistance to organizations, who build custom APIs in current solutions, to allow direct API integration with Salesforce.

The Integration App Development

For most of the software vendors, we always develop AppExchange Apps, so that there can be some robust and easy integration of their solution with Salesforce.


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