AIG Mastered Efficient Lead Management

Business Challenge

  • The biggest challenge for Allied Investment was to manage their leads effectively. They were unable to have a comprehensive view of their leads in a single page
  • They were facing a tough challenge to identify hot leads out of their list of leads
  • Another challenge was to follow up with the leads on a priority basis and also based on their availability



  • With a custom Visualforce page and by using apex controller put all the leads in a single page for seamless lead management.
  • Created a process builder & an email template like letterhead and used apex class which is invoked by the process builder to send the notification.
  • Created workflows and email templates as per the lead requirement. With these automated flows, leads can be reached at their preferred time.



  • Leads were displayed as per their priority level. This means better lead management and higher conversion rates.
  • A comprehensive view of the leads in a single page.
  • Customer details are displayed to the user whenever they select a customer in a record
  • Periodical lead/customer follow-ups.
  • ļ¬Customer follow-ups based on priority level as well as at their preferred time.