Translation Module Implementation

Implementation Summary

One of the leading supplier of diagnostic equipment, has been working in the healthcare industry long time now and was looking for a solution that could connect their SAP ERP Cloud system (SAP Business ByDesign) with Salesforce. For accomplishing their solution, they chose CEPTES, to build an Enterprise App that could help them to bridge this gap.


The Requirements:

A leading Healthcare Diagnostic gather all their complaints through CMSNext, on regular intervals data gets pushed into 123C Salesforce complaint management system, as complaints can be raised by anyone across the globe, few critical information might have been entered in their native language, which might not be easy for an approver/evaluator to determine the complaint.


Additional Requirement:

Currently, they have been generating a word document with all the complaints and related information which needs translation, which is sent to the vendor based on the country of origin, translated data which is received from vendor is manually populated into the respective complaints. However, the requirement was to invoke automation which can reduce the manual work.


Business Challenge:

Customer looking for an automated process for the entire translation module, that will also should support file attachment translation. The system should be equipped enough to support all translations on multiple complaints at once.


The Solution:

Solution has been provided and implemented by CEPTES. They are listed below:


  • The Country information is stored in the system along with the translation required flag, object level field configuration which requires translation is stored in the custom metadata. The system creates a translation task based on the country of origin.
  • For each field which has the native system that creates translation item under the translation task.
  • Using the below interface customer can choose which should be sent for translation, on button click based on the selection, the system generates a CSV file and will be sent to the respective vendor.



  • In case of file attachments, customer can create a new translation task with type as “file translation”, system allows to select the attachments which needs translation.



  • Once vendor respond to the same email with the translated CSV or with translated file attachment, system will process and update the translated text into the respective complaints.


The Advantages:


  • Less manual work.
  • Supports translations on multiple complaints.
  • No dedicated resource required for the translation.